Naked Legs

We do not have to go to one of the sandy beaches so we can do a “bone therapy”. Try barefoot in your apartment, especially if you have some carpet, wooden surfaces, tiles, etc., all of which will speed up blood flow and wake our body. If we are close to nature, we can jump out of “comfortable” shoes for a moment, regardless of the season. Have you tried to get barefoot on the snow? Crazy good! Tested. It’s only nice to wear really warm woolen socks afterwards, but if you do not have it then you will not get sick just for a few minutes walking on the snow! First of all, keep the last one in your mind so you do not think about walking so that you can get cold or cut yourself if you walk a few minutes barefooted. Nevertheless, if you’re buzzing about it, you’re scared, then it’s very likely that this will really happen to you.